Friday, June 1, 2012

I just made 70 my BITCH

That's right. 70 lbs is my bitch.

Weight this morning was 156.3. That is 70.7 lbs down from my original starting weight of 227.
My goal, when I started this blog, was 77 lbs. Holy crap. I'm that close?

Best of all, I am literally less than 1 lb away (per Wii Fit and lots of "height/weight charts found online) from a "normal" range for my height. This makes me so happy I want to cry. Honestly, I don't think I've been in a normal range since I was 8 or before. I was always overweight. ALWAYS. I grew up that way, suffered through my teenage years that way, and have battled this for as long as I can remember. I was only "overweight" up until my twenties...which is when my weight started yo yo-ing between overweight and obese territory. So the fact that I am about to break through into "normal" territory....and I've done it in a sustainable way...well it is pretty damn spectacular.

Last night I went for a 10k (6.2 mile) run on the Lake Walk. It felt pretty good, so were still in business to complete the half marathon coming up. Last night was probably the longest run, besides 12 miles this weekend (omg I hope I don't fall over), that I will do before the race. Next week, I plan on doing two days of 4 milers. Next weekend I am only scheduled for a 5 miler. The following week, all I'm supposed to do per my schedule is easy runs, like 20 minutes or something.

I can handle that!

So last night I was doing a bit of evaluation with the help of my hubby and a promise that nothing he said would be held against him in any form. We determined that I have a lot of skin, which I won't be able to do anything about, but also still another 10-20 lbs I should be able to lose without being nuts or looking like a starving person. I'm talking just pure excess fat that is still hanging around my middle. My initial goal here was 150, but I always said I would re-evaluate. I think my first goal after 150 will be 145. Then another re-evaluation. I've never been this low, it's new territory for I'm not sure how much effect 5 lbs has on a person my size? So I will take it slowly to make sure I don't start looking weird. lol

Finally I leave you with another inspirational quote, courtesy of Pinterest:

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