Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is so true and I wish more people who haven't yet started, would think of it this way!

Seeing the above image got me to thinking. So many people (myself included) have at one time told themselves some excuse or another for why they aren't doing more to get healthy or lose weight. But when it comes down to it, these excuses are bull shit. To be successful, you need to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your choices, your life, and your own health.

Saying "I'm too fat to exercise" is crap. I'm not pretending it's easy, but it can be done. Start small. See a doctor or trainer for advice. Whatever! But does anyone really think any fat person starts out as a fitness rockstar? Obviously not. It's hard for everyone to begin with. so just suck it up and get moving. Yes it will be hard. But it will get easier. Your path to greatness has to start somewhere!

Other common excuses include:
I'm old
It's genetic
My foot/leg/back/hair hurts
My spouse eats X, and I can't resist.
I'm too busy
I'll start on Monday/New Years/after the party this weekend
I'm addicted to carbs/sweets/pasta/salty snacks/food

Like I said, I've totally been guilty of using excuses myself. This is definitely not meant to judge anyone. I've been there. I've been obese, with bad habits of others surrounding me. Obesity "runs in my family". Im not "old" by any means but ive watched older people fight my same battle. I could eat carbs and snacks until they come out of my ears. I lead a busy life. I understand.

But those are all excuses. Junk. Any of those excuses can be argued against with a solution. Pain in your leg? See a doc. Get it fixed. Get their advice on a diet and exercise that will work for you. Your foot hurts? Then get your cardio by boxing or swimming...something low impact for your feet and legs. Think you're too old? Who cares. 80 year olds run races and kick butt at it. Age is just a number. You have to start somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere. Spouse eats ice cream every night? Drive by McDonalds every day on the way to work? Grow some balls, set your priorities and say no! I realize this is HARD. But it's not impossible. Too busy to exercise? Pfffft. Again - prioritize. I manage to work out between 50 hr work weeks, Grad School, and having a 3 and 5 year old along with a busy husband who needs to carve out workout time himself.

My point is, there should be NO EXCUSE. Unless in the case if rare, legit medical reasons...anybody can do it, if they really truly give it their all. They just need to be willing to stop making excuses, prioritize, and accept that it's going to be hard. Very hard. I have a hard time (still) letting go of excuses...that's hard enough to do, let alone all the other hurdles to getting fit and healthy and losing weight. It sucks sometimes.

But its worth it.

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