Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm that nerdy girl

It's not uncommon for people to shed a tear or two after finishing an event such as a marathon, half marathon...even a 5k, right?

What about when you on a training run? I was in the middle of my training run this past weekend and began to visualize the fact that I would be a half-marathoner....and the tears started to well up in my eyes.

Growing up, if anybody had told me I would be a runner one day and actually complete a half marathon...I wouldn't have laughed. I would have been very hurt that somebody would make fun of me that way with that sort of sarcasm. I would have literally assumed they were saying something THAT ridiculous to make fun of me and figured they were being mean. Then last year, the day of my first 5k ever, it was said that I could think about "doing a half next year". I laughed and did NOT think that would ever happen...

But here I am. 10 days away from my first half marathon. And during my last long training run, I thought about finishing and how amazing it will feel considering where I came from. And I cried.

It is official. I am going to be a blubbering fool when I actually cross the finish line.

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