Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clubbin, a bum run, and HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!

Who am I? What has been done with the "old" me?
I was thinking the other day that my area needs a mom's running club. My sister in law belongs to one in her area and she just loves it. I turned my sights on Google, and found Moms RUN This Town, a (free) nation wide running club with "chapters" in over 140 locations and quickly growing. I searched my city, and it said there were members waiting to join, but a leader needed - and I figured, why not? I submitted the leadership form and here I am - leader (along with one other person, actually, but that's a long story that probably has a happy ending as I am so busy and the group is growing pretty rapidly). I am excited to see what we can make this into and we already have 20+ members, all with different experience levels and comfort levels. It's going to be FUN! If you are one of my actual FB friends or know me IRL, and live in or near the area, and have kids (pets count too) - join us!

On to my bum run. UGH. What a crapper. I went out yesterday, it was a beautiful day....started running....and my knees were giving me grief. It's not so much that they hurt or felt injured, but they just felt off somehow. Loose? Swollen? I'm not sure, but I am hoping it is due to some crazy fluid retention I have going on right now (hate being a woman). Before my run, I noticed my ankles were a little swollen, so its very possibly my knees were too and it was just too much for them to handle when I tried to take off running. I completed a little more than a mile, hung my tail between my legs, and headed back. Yes that is kind of dramatic but I was really bummed. It is the first run where I have been unable to complete the distance I set out to do (which in this case was 5 miles) and even had to WALK back. However, I figured better safe than sorry, especially this close to the 1/2.

I KNOW what I would tell somebody else if they had this experience. I would say "don't let it get you down...everyone has bad days...let it go and be positive for your next run". So I am trying to take that advice - but obviously that is easier said than done. I hope to get out for a 3 mile run tomorrow and am crossing my fingers that it goes a little better.

Oh and finally...HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!!!!

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