Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A great, new chapter in life, but a new struggle to overcome

I mentioned last week that I had a lot going on and I said I'd post about it this week, so here it is - my awesome husband has taken a great new job and we are relocating a couple of hours away.

The last week and all this month are crazy busy - we already managed to find a nice single family home to rent for a year...we have packing and moving to do, work on our house to get it ready to sell ASAP, my older daughter is going into Kindergarten...

Moving day is August 26th. Once we're all settled, I'll begin looking for a new job. But while I'm doing that, I'll be at home. Every day. My struggle? Not eating everything! I am legitimately concerned and I hope I can get through it.

Any tips from stay at home moms, work at home-ers, or stay at home wives? How do you keep yourself from pigging out, especially if you have food issues like I obviously have had.

So worried!!!


  1. um. dont have anything to snack on?
    how about paying so many stinking bills that theres no money for groceries? thats a good one.

    you could FORCE yourself to put money away/aside/on debt instead of having as much food? lol. its way easier to just buy food. but really who needs a ton of food. work a weekly meal plan and ONLY buy that. LOL.

    i swear, the broke diet should work. but it does NOT.

  2. wait wait, you are concerned with eating when you have 2 kids to chase all day ? you think you are gonna have that kind of time?
    make a schedule. and dont go into the kitchen unless its scheduled. LOL. harder to do in my house...

    wow. selling a house is hard.