Wednesday, August 8, 2012


When I started my journey in January, 2011, my goal weight was 150. I picked 150 for several sounded AMAZING, for one. Compared to 227, it sounded like a dream come true. I had never been even close to that weight as an adult. It seemed impossible that I'd ever go below that. Plus, it was a nice, even number. It would make 77 lbs lost, and I like the number 7.

Then I got closer to 150. I hit 150. And I realized that I still had plenty to lose. I had to reevaluate, because at 150 I was "normal", but it was the high end of normal...and had very obvious excess fat in some areas. I don't want or expect to be perfect, but I'm not talking about a little chub, I'm talking handfuls. And I still felt physically not at my best. After consulting Google for normal height/weight ratios, and consulting with my hubby (I promised him total immunity from me being upset...I honestly wanted his true, scientific opinion), I determined that I could easily and safely lose another 13-15 lbs, putting me at 135-137.

So, that's sort of my goal right now. Everyone is built differently and I will see how it goes at 137 lbs. I guess I never even knew what sort of frame I had under all that fat...turns out its pretty average...not nearly as big boned as I had previously thought.

When it comes down to it, my ultimate goal is to be whatever number I feel the strongest, fittest, and healthiest at.
I am SO excited to be nearing that goal, after a lifetime of being overweight, unhealthy, tired, and unfit.

I'm going to be healthier and more active in my 30's than I was as a teenager, and I love it :-)

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  1. big boned, though it does exist, is mostly an excuse to make overweight people think they cant do anything. which, as a fop (former overweight person), you should know theres plenty of excuses you can make to feel discouraged enough not to 'be able' to lose the weight.