Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Change...long and non-weight/running related

This moving business is crazy. This is such a huge change... And there is SO much to do. Add in the fact that we're making this move just days before our oldest daughter starts Kindergarten...there's just a LOT going on:

We had to find a place to live (done - renting a house for the next year, then next summer will be buying if all goes well).

Preparing our old house to sell. New paint throughout, carpets out and hardwood underneath cleaned up, kitchen countertops and bathroom sink/vanity/cabinet replaced, and new flooring for bathroom, kitchen and entry way. It's going to look great though and I feel cautiously optimistic about selling. It's a great home for a first time buyer. A young couple, like we were when we bought it. It has new siding and roofing and a nice fenced in back yard. The realtor says the market is actually good right now for houses in our area in our price range - so fingers crossed! We are lucky that with my husbands new job, we can afford mortgage and rent, but we need to sell ASAP so we can start saving for our next home!

Packing. Ew. My house is turning into a disaster. Boxes piled up everywhere and what not. One plus is that it's like a fresh start...throwing a lot away and donating even more.

Getting a moving truck...and all the hard work on moving day.

Unpacking. Especially knowing well just be packing again next year when we buy a home in our new city.

Oldest daughter starts Kindergarten just a week after our move. This all came on so fast! So there was/is a lot to sort out to get her enrolled and ready to go.

Getting loose ends tied up in regards to health care...referrals, signing permissions for our records to be sent to a new facility, making sure were caught up on check ups, etc.

Finding me a job...I do have one exciting prospect- fingers crossed for that..

And the list could go on. I am thankful for a go-getter hubby who takes care of so many of the random things.

That's good-because I'm probably going to do most of the packing...and it's a bit overwhelming.

And...that's my life lately. A big blur of change and preparations. But I'm excited and so happy and proud of my hubby for snagging his new job. He deserves it.


  1. if you find more of those cars.....

    id help but its so hard at this distance. whats wrong with the paint in your house?
    i dread painting our house. we have "scheduled" an event to do it next sunday. i doubt we will get it all done. obviously, most people are not like us and wont look at paint and say "we can change that". so we have to do it. sigh. its not the painting, its the taking everything down, all the window trim off, sanding, planing and staining that, getting the walls washed, primed and painted... withuot getting the ceiling or floor covered in paint.


  2. The paint needs refreshed, plus we are doing the walls a nice neutral color and repainring the trim nice and white so it looks fresh and clean and nice. The realtor suggested colors so were going with it. It's going to look SO nice. The bathroom is already done and it looks amazing. Like a different bathroom completely.