Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Size Whaaaaa?

The smallest size I can remember being (back as a teenager) is size 13.
When I got married in 2004, I was a size 15
When I started this journey, I was a size 22
Last night, I bought a size 6.

And I'm wearing them today!! *insert happy dance here*

It's kind of weird, it doesn't feel real. As a bigger person, size 6 always seemed so small and assumably unattainable for me. Now that I am a size 6 (well, at least in this particular brand), I sure don't feel as small as I always viewed size 6 to be...If that makes sense.  I guess I still see myself with size 22 eyes? You know, I think it's just about time for some progress pics...before, and a few "during", including a current one just 8 lbs from goal. I did keep one pair of old pants, I can't wait to take some fun pics in them....

So all this talk about sizes...it's all fine and great. It's exciting. But know what I now find most exciting of all? I am in shape! Plenty of "skinny" people are not in shape. I am SO excited to be both normal weight AND in shape. I can run a half marathon (training for my 2nd is underway - ran 12 miles on Sunday). I can sign up for 5k's on the fly (I have one tonight that I signed up for last week, in fact). It just feels so good to know I can do those things. That my body is capable of those things after how badly I really treated it all those years. Carrying around all that extra weight, feeding it a constant stream of junk. Now it's time to treat it right, to keep it healthy, and let it do amazing things for me!

Like half marathons, and some day, when I have time to train...a full marathon.

Wish me luck at tonight's 5k! Actually, it's a 5.1k.I am doing it with a few other momma's from Moms RUN This Town. I won't be setting a PR...my legs are still sore from my 12 mile run on Sunday! But I am excited anyways :-)

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  1. ok, i am officially hating you.
    i need to be consistent about something for once in my life. its just very discouraging for me. i cant count on running outside, i dont have gym access and no treadmill. sigh.