Thursday, August 9, 2012


I love races. I really do. I love competing against myself to aim for personal records. I love the energy at the start. I love the feeling of accomplishment at the finish. I love it all! Doesn't matter the distance...5k or half marathon - I love it!

Moving is going to bring about even more options for races throughout the year, and I'm excited. Already, I'm thinking of adding a 10k in October and I know more will follow over time.

I'll have to start a race stats page on my blog! I *just* now thought of this! OMG Im way excited. I know it's nothing new, plenty of bloggers do this...I'm totally doing it! It will be a great way for me to see my results at a glance and also to essentially see measurements of how my fitness has improved over time. And of course, share with you all.

I did just sign up for a 5k next's cheap, nearby, chip timed, and you get a shirt. Why not? I'm signing up with some mamas from my running club...should be a great time!!

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