Monday, October 22, 2012


I try really hard to maintain a positive attitude, even through the tough spots. For the most part, I succeed. But today I'm just off. I feel blah. My weekdays have been going amazing. Last week from Monday through Friday, I lost almost 7 lbs (most of it obvious water weight from a weekend of eating like crap, since my body hangs onto that water weight like freaking crazy). This weekend I ate like crap again and gained it all back. ALL of it...My weigh in today was literally exactly the weight I was last Monday. Which isn't terrible, at least I didn't gain, but it makes me so mad at myself that I had been doing so great last week and then I undid all that progress over a weekend. It's bloat. I can feel it, and it sucks. It makes me feel huge and icky. I'm just MAD at myself. I know better, yet I still make that mistake over and over again.

Then add in that I've managed to get sick...this is one of the worst sore throats I can remember having. Icky cough/congestion (mostly chest congestion), headaches, tired...just not fun. And of course, I have a half marathon this weekend which I am already under trained for as it is.


Let's hope my throat feels better soon, because that is by far my least favorite sick symptom. I HATE HATE HATE sore throats. I just wish I could sleep until it's gone. And then magically lose my last 10 lbs.

Is that so much to ask?!?!!

Yeah. I know.

Is anyone else who is typically positive, feeling kinda blah? Or am I all alone in this blah boat??

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