Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is up with me?!

Love this. So very true, with regards to both losing weight and running, for example doing a half marathon. It's SO hard. But SO amazing.

Being a stay at home mom for the moment has been a huge challenge where my eating habits are concerned. I have NO willpower!! It's like offering a bottle of vodka to an alcoholic. That sort of seems like maybe it was meant to be funny, but I'm serious. It's absolutely an addiction, and one that is much harder to manage now that I am surrounded by the food in my fridge and cupboards all day long. At least at work, I brought what I brought, and that's what I had. The cafe' and certain items such as pita chips and tiger brownies were always a battle, but at least those I could say no to because I didn't want to be spending the money on them every single day. And I had coworkers who knew about my weight loss journey, and I hate to be a "failure" (in my eyes that is) by eating junk. But you know...damn...those tiger brownies were pretty freaking awesome...

So anyhow. There I was this morning. I already had a cup of coffee, an apple, eggs and a piece of toast. Yet I found myself staring into the fridge and cupboards. Why?! What is it that I want? I'm craving carbs, I can feel it. Sugary or salty, junky goodness. That, and I'm kind of bored, so automatically my brain apparently goes to food. Crappy food, at that. Why can't I crave something like carrots or salad? Hell, if we're going into the "Why can't I" game...Why can't I just have naturally amazing metabolism and a naturally great body?! Is that so much to ask for? Ha....Yes, I know the answer. I'm just being whiney.

I'm getting off track. Back to the story.

Instead of giving in and eating more, I hopped on the computer and started writing this post. I suppose that could be one benefit of being home - when I have these tough times, I can come write about it and hopefully get distracted and let the craving pass.

I really want to get back on track though. I'm back to exercising regularly (went a couple times last week and three times this week already), and I don't want to mess that hard work up with some pointless calories eaten out of boredom. I have so much I could be doing but my daughter makes it hard...she is pretty clingy and demanding of my time. I have homework and a job search to be working on, but normally when I'm on the computer, she insists on sitting on my lap and if I won't let her, its a big fit. Either way, I can't get anything done.  It's honestly a miracle that she is letting me type this now.

HA! I spoke too soon. *Heads off to see what all the fuss is about*


  1. it honestly just sounds like she needs you. maybe thats her problem all along. some kids are much more high needs than other kids, and when those needs go unfulfilled, they turn up somewhere else - example: in undesireable attitudes and tantrums which GUARANTEE your attention....

    im going to assume that because you said you were LOOKING for something means you dnot actually have "bad food" in your house.
    in that case, look all you want, you wont find anything that will hurt you right?

    though, and this is just personal, your breakfast looks rather small. breakfast is just that: breaking a fast. and the #1 reason we go looking for food is because we didnt eat enough of it when we broke our fast. i mean, people call it the most important meal of the day, and we eat the least amount of food ? that doesnt make sense!

    ive got some knowledge about "switching" the way we eat. basically, if you eat more in the morning, (like a dinner sized serving) you will have more energy throughout the day because you are running on a full tank. eat a "normal" lunch and a "breakfast sized" supper. this way the majority of your calories are in the beginning of your day when they will be needed to run your body all day, instead of at the end where they are just going to be sitting in your stomach or intestines all night long.

    dont get me wrong though, i STILL fall into the "normal habit" of having more at supper and the regular bowl of cereal in the morning. i dont know why, but its just the way we do things in this country or something. but OBVIOUSLY, the way we do things in this country isnt working, so why not try the OPPOSITE of that?
    a good addition to breakfast? oatmeal. that stuff is a POWERHOUSE food. but of course you know that. ;)

    try this out:

    now, yes, its based on Christian radio. i wouldnt call it a sermon or anything.
    but this guy has got the best information on health and diet that i have ever heard. he can seem a bit "radical" because the things he teaches is so different from what is said in this country. (remember, money talks, and industry and bad health has money, theres no money in having good health!)

    but maybe, looking at the way things are in the country, we NEED to hear something different, something (again) OPPOSITE of what the lifestyle in this country is promoting.
    call me crazy, but if the lemmings are all swimming out to the ocean and drowning in their "american diets" maybe its time to change something drastically.

    seriously. take some time, i think its a half hour, at some point, and listen to this podcast. phenomenal.

    anyway. thats a whole blog post for you! :P:P