Monday, October 8, 2012

Back this truck UP

Ok so here is the deal. I need to do something before I end up where I started. My husband, my sister in law and her husband all have various amounts of weight we would like to lose. We've all gained 10+ lbs recently. We decided to do a weight loss challenge based on % lost. The winner gets to choose a place for dinner and the losing couple pays. Really I don't think any of us care about that, but it will be nice to be doing this "with" other people. We created a Google Doc to log our weights every Monday. We are going through to December 31st.

Today being Monday, meant first weigh in. My starting weight for this challenge? 152.3.
GRRRRRRRRR. That is almost a full 10 lbs up since my lowest weight. I actually weighed 142.6 once, if I remember right. WTF?! My life has changed so completely but I guess I was hoping I would be able to hang in there without gaining too much. Oh well - nothing I can do about it now besides resolve to get it back off.

Once again, another glaring reminder that no matter how much I've changed my habits and life..the old habits are lurking in the background, just waiting to sneak in there. It is going to be a life long battle. And will likely get harder, the older I get. But when I think back on how far I've come, I want to cry. I started out obese. Size 22. Zero confidence. Exhausted. Breathing heavily after going from upstairs to downstairs in my own house. Just plain unhealthy. Now, even though I've backtracked a slight bit over the last several weeks during this crazy transition my family has made...I am still on another planet, health-wise. I have energy. I am happy with myself. I feel good. I feel healthy! Now I just need to pick back up and finish out this phase of my journey...and officially enter into the life long maintenance phase.

Yep. I've gotta lose this damn weight. Damnit.

Today: Eating healthier meals and snacks, going for a walk, going to the gym for a run and elliptical, and trying out Zumba for the first time with my sister in law.

GAME ON! It's me against this weight. I am going to win.

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  1. I know what you mean! I haven't weighed myself in about a month, I'm not as active as I was this summer, and starting to eat more junk food. Ugh. Though, most of my smaller clothes still fit. I just don't want all the weight I lost this summer(almost 30 pounds) to come back. I'm starting to try to sneak a little more exercise in, about two to three days a week, and eat smaller portions. Hopefully that will help... though Perkin's sweet potato fries keep calling my name lol. One of my weaknesses. Hang in there Kandi! You can do it! You're my inspiration!