Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New found love

I.love.almond.milk! I hadn't tried it until recently, but now that I have - I wish I had sooner. Coconut milk is also very tasty, but I will focus on the almond milk for now.

I bought the Silk brand. The unsweetened variety has just 30 calories per serving! And it is delicious!! I haven't tried the unsweetened vanilla...only the unsweetened original. The unsweetened vanilla will be next on my list. I have tried the sweetened vanilla and it was too sweet for me. I mean it was good, but I prefer the unsweetened original (which is kind of odd being that I generally have a big ol' sweet tooth...but I guess not when it comes to milk)!

Anyhow. If you haven't tried almond milk - go for it. Seriously! I was actually surprised by how much I liked it.


  1. My kids actually ask for Almond or Coconut over "moo milk". I use them in my protein shakes. The unsweetened vanilla is the best!

  2. Check out the almond breeze unsweetened coconut almond blend in the cold milk aisle :)))) delicious

  3. non dairy milk! yay! so much healthier!