Monday, April 15, 2013


Underwear. Everybody (ok, most people) wear them. So I don't care if this is TMI for some people. It's just underwear, come on.

When you are obese, it is not easy to find cute underwear. Even if you do, it's still not that fun because they are uncomfortable or fit funny or whatever. Doesn't matter if they're technically your size, they still just don't feel right.

So, after years of feeling unable to buy "cute" underwear due to my obesity, it came as a welcome bonus when I realized I could finally buy pretty much any underwear my little heart problems with finding the right size and no feelings of ridiculousness or like a huge sack full of jello being squeezed into a small sandwich baggie. No more embarrassment at buying something stylish when really I feel like I look as though I should be wearing a tarp. Nope.... I can buy whatever kind of underwear I want and feel physically and mentally comfortable doing so.

And Like I say, you should embrace both the small and the big successes - while this may be "small" in comparison to good health and fitness, and being a positive role model for my kids - it's still really damn exciting, and I'm not afraid to say so!!

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