Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rice Lake Classic 3.7 Miles

Yesterday I did a local 3.7 mile race with some ladies in my MRTT chapter. It was a hilly course with a pretty good wind blowing against us part of the way.

But fun! I finished in 33:31, and I'm thrilled with that. At the 5k mark, I was at 27:11...14 seconds faster than my current 5k race PR (and that was on a pancake-flat course). 

But even better, it was amazing to watch my friends finish. Our times varied from second-place overall, to being within the last to finish. ROCKED it!!!  It was awesome, so many inspiring women. 

I followed up that great race with a day of family fun at our city annual festival. Plenty of junky food was consumed. This morning I headed out for a 9 miler and the plan is to get back on the healthy food wagon today and through this coming week! Wish me luck :-)

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