Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I won't lie. I enjoy finally being "normal" weight after a lifetime of being bigger. I love being able to shop for clothes anywhere. It still makes me laugh when somebody calls me "little", but of course on the inside, I'm bursting with pride and joy. And yes, I might even occasionally check myself out in a mirror. 

When I first started my weight loss journey, it was primarily about weight. A number, a size. Health and fitness was on my radar...slightly. I still do pay attention to the number on the scale, and I still do pay attention to my pant size (because if I don't, I know I would easily balloon out of control). But - my primary concern has changed from weight to simply being healthy. 

I am now more concerned with maintaining the ability to just go out and run 5 miles, or getting a good sweat session in at the gym simply because it feels good, or whipping' out 10 real pushups on demand... and fueling my body with less crap, more quality. I wish this had been more of my focus all along, although I guess it worked out just fine either way. 

This isn't to say that I'm aiming for all mega-healthy, all the time. Shit NO, I want to be able to enjoy the occasional piece of cake, junky take out pizza, or whatever.  I'm just more mindful of these things and the importance of moderation. I can be a healthy person while sensibly incorporating those splurges now and then. 

I just wish that our society could lessen the focus on "losing weight" and obesity, and increase the focus on good health and fitness. The human body is capable of such amazing things, as long as it is well taken care of. That is what we should concentrate on, rather than anything that focuses solely on losing pounds, sizes, or inches. 

Chances are, if you make positive, healthy changes and if you start to treat your body with respect and appreciation, you will naturally see results on the scale...no fad diet, shakes or pills needed. And if you don't see results on the scale, that's okay too, because your body is still becoming healthier and stronger thanks to every positive change you make. 

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