Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Years: Reflection and looking forward to 2014

I just realized that it has been THREE YEARS since I started my journey, and this blog. I cannot believe it has really been that long (and also, it makes me feel a little old...). I have had success and plenty of bumps in the road, including the one I am currently navigating over. In order to re-motivate myself and get back on track, I think it is time for a bit of reflection followed by a declaration of what I am hoping for in 2014.

I used to be obese, totally out of shape, and physically uncomfortable. My self-confidence was crap and I was scared to try anything new. I felt as thought I stuck out like a sore thumb, but really would have preferred to just blend in. I absolutely dreaded any event that was out of the ordinary (holiday parties, job interviews, etc).

NOW, I am an "average" size/weight, basically for the first time ever, and it is amazing. I can wear sizes that I had never worn before!  Even better though, is that I have learned SO much about myself and become a person with healthier habits, a healthier attitude and a healthier body. And best of all? I have 2 children who I can be a better role model for.

 I won't ever be the poster child for clean eating - I like pizza, Chinese food, chips & dip, baked goods, chocolate  pretty much all carbs and junk food too much for that. And after all this time, I STILL struggle with not going overboard (as demonstrated by my holiday weight gain resulting from way too many meals out, over-indulging at parties, and long days capped off with a glass or three of wine). I refuse to 100% deny myself the carbs and junk I love. Instead, I strive for balance, and to incorporate those occasional splurges into an overall healthy lifestyle.

In November, I started operation "Lose 15 pounds". I felt determined, I felt unstoppable and, soon ended up right in the trash along with an excess of empty chocolate wrappers. Now that the holidays are over and a new year has begun, I am going to try this again. I want to lose 15 lbs (this includes some of what I gained between October and December, as well as a bit more, to put me at what I believe could be my ultimate, final goal weight. If you have been with me awhile, you know I have adjusted and re-adjusted over time, as I discovered how I felt at new weights that I had never experienced before).

In addition to losing 15 lbs (and then maintaining at that level), I have a few other hopes/goals for 2014 - and yes, these are listed in order of importance to me.

-Drink more water
-Strengthen my core
-26:30 5k (current PR is 27:00)
-Sub 2:00 half marathon.

What are your goals, hopes and intentions for 2014 this year? Please share!

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  1. :P i always found that the core strengthening stuff you can find in fitness videos was too much for me, it started much above my level of fitness and i would easily burn out and give up.
    im sure chels has some of the info PT starts one off on... and buids up to better strength. :P i highly recommend it!