Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Polar Bear Plunge

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you might remember when I did the Polar Bear Plunge a few years back. I had so much fun and felt really great about raising money for the special Olympics - especially as I spent many years working with adults with disabilities.

Ever since the last plunge, I have wanted to do it again but it has not worked out due to timing with my daughter's birthday. But now, I have moved, and I just remembered that there is a plunge in my new city, too! And it does not conflict with my daughter's birthday weekend! So here I go again - On February 1st,  I am going to plunge into freezing, icy waters (literally, they cut the ice out to make room for the plungers to plunge) to help support and raise money for the Special Olympics.

Any donations are very appreciated, not only by me but by Special Olympics athletes. This is SUCH a wonderful cause. Your pledge is also tax deductible, and I am pretty sure you are able to enter yourself as anonymous if you so deisre - so if anyone out there reading my blog wants to support the Special Olympics, here is a chance to do it through me. Just click the link below to go to my fundraising page. Thank you in advance!!!


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