Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elevator to success

I heard an advertisement on the radio yesterday that immediately ticked me off. It was for a shall-not-be-named weight loss supplement/program/fad. The girl doing the talking works at the station and has lost 30 lbs, she claims, because of this product. Now whether or not that's true I don't know. I really don't care. 

Okay ....different strokes for different folks and all that. Yes, maybe incorporating these kinds of things into your plan is working for you. I don't agree that it's healthy and I certainly doubt the long-term sustainability of any results you might see...but regardless... If it's working for you and you think it's for the long haul, then go on with yo bad self.

The thing that ticked me off about the advertisement was when they said something to the effect of "It can't be done on your own, so why try? Use xyz product instead, and avoid the inevitable failure that would come from doing it by yourself". 

W. T. F.
I Just NO. 

Guess what? It CAN be done on your own!! Sure, support of those around you is important. But it can be done purely by YOU making healthy choices with real food. And YOU getting active. And guess what else? If you do it and stick with it, and make it a lifestyle change (NOT a "diet") will be way more successful, particularly long-term, than anything else you could do. It really ticks me off to hear the words "It can't be done on your own". That's such bull. I lost 90 pounds without ever touching any kind of "weight loss product". People do it all the time. 

No. It won't be easy. In fact, it will be downright HARD. But it will also be incredible. And it will also be realistically maintainable. 


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