Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fitbit Surge is just what I needed!

So after a winter of hibernation, I've been back on track lately and feeling better. My commitment to getting back to the fitness level I was at in the summer of 2013 has just been made a bit easier - and even kind of fun - with my new Fitbit Surge. My husband surprised me with it for Valentine's Day. He has had it in mind for awhile, and went to great lengths to procure it for me since most stores were all out. He finally ended up finding one in another city about 20 miles from us. Which is kind of a lot to travel for something when you already live in a city that's known as a shopping hotspot and are surrounded by plenty more decent sized cities closer than the one he ended up in. 

So anyhow. I've had it less than I week and I'm already in love with it. The only downside is that it's not super pretty-but I don't care because all of it's other features, and the way it's motivating me is worth it. 

The Fitbit Surge is pretty much like an all-in-one smart watch/fitness tracker/GPS. There's an app that it goes with and so far I'm loving how user friendly it is...and how much it can do/show you!

Some of the features I am enjoying or am likely to enjoy the most include:
Touch screen watch 
Step counting
Tracking number of floors you've gone up
Continuous heart rate monitoring including seeing when you're in different zones like rest, fat-burn, and cardio. 
Sleep tracking
Running (time, pace, distance, GPS)
Tracking if other fitness activities (stair climber, elliptical, yoga, hiking, etc). 
Syncing with MyFitness Pal
Food tracking, exercise tracking, water intake tracking
Goal setting and easy view of goal progress
Connecting with friends for chat, motivation, and fun challenges
Only have to charge it once a week and it only takes an hour or two
Easy to look back to see how your day or week shaped up

I could go on and on but I'll just stop now. I love it and highly recommend it! 

Here are a couple of screen shots from the awesome Fitbit app!

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  1. so, you have to wear it all the time, day and night?