Tuesday, March 31, 2015

That's Life

One of the challenges when it comes to changing your lifestyle after years of bad eating habits is finding balance
My diet (as in, daily nutritional intake - not  diet like diets that people go on temporarily) has improved exponentially. However, life happens and what good is a new healthy lifestyle if you're miserable because you never let loose? And it's totally fine to let loose, the trick is getting right back to your regularly scheduled habits rather than letting it totally derail you or set off a domino effect of binges. And that can be HARD when you're prone to losing control. Like I am. I may have changed my life but those tendencies...they're still there. 

Case in point: This past weekend. I started out with a fantastic 6 mile run on Saturday. Partially because I'm training for a half marathon, partially in anticipation of date night Saturday night and wanting to get a little activity and calorie burn in beforehand.

Date night was fantastic. And full of less than nutritious splurges. First up....2 gigantic margaritas and an app (nachos).  After that, we did plenty of walking around and several hours later, close to 10pm, we were ready for a late dinner at a fantastic sushi place where I had a sushi roll and a glass of wine. 

In the morning, we went for breakfast where I had an awesome breakfast quesadilla and hash browns along with a vanilla latte. Delicious but again, not exactly health food! 

That was the extent of our date - after breakfast it was back to reality. I intended on getting back on track immediately with a light lunch and healthy dinner...but...instead I ended up eating a whole lot of simple carbs and sugar over the course of the day. White bread , cookies...that kind of stuff.  I already felt kinda bloated from my date night festivities but that stubborn part of me, the part who has no self-control, still won out for the rest of the day Sunday. And it's so easy to say "oh well..my day is already off to ' bad' start so I might as well eat whatever". So I guess that's what I did. By Sunday night I was so sluggish and tired...and disappointed with myself .

But you know what? Life happens. Nobody is perfect, nor should they be. Did I go overboard? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No. I had a great weekend. I let loose. I enjoyed my gigantic margaritas and high calorie restaurant food!  And now I'm back on track, even if it took a day longer than I'd hoped. I've got healthy meals planned for the day and week, I started today with a 3.35 mile run at 5 am, and I'm ready to take on the rest of the week. 

Best of all, I'm feeling good about my decision to live life instrad of ordering salads and water on date nights just to maintain a "perfect" diet. I don't know why I was disappointed in myself....i shouldn't have been. It's a good lesson to anyone out there struggling-don't be hard on yourself!!! That will only serve to delay your progress. 

Life happens. Live it and love it. 

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