Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter success!!

It was another weekend of indulgences. I had plenty of Easter candy (Robin Eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, and Peeps are my personal faves). Wine in the evening. Coffee with Baileys in the morning. A delicious Easter dinner. A fantastic omelette for breakfast. 

It was a great Easter though, delicious food or not. We did our normal annual traditions - things like visiting the Easter Bunny and having an egg hunt.  We were at my parents house, and they live in a very rural area so we set it up in a nice large outdoor space to add a little challenge. Not to mention it was great exercise for them to run around and around looking for the eggs! 

Anyhow...with all the holiday indulging, it's no surprise that I'm carrying a little extra water weight. Again :-)  After last weekend, I didn't feel "back to normal" until Thursday. I think this week will be easier, because I got a workout in last night and woke up today feeling pretty decent.  I just don't think I'm holding quite as much water this time. 

So to start the week off right, I went for a nice 5k run before work today. It was dark, rain/snow mix, some wind...but it was fantastic!!! I'm excited at how much better off I am right now (fitness wise) compared to this time last year.  Not that I wasn't fit last year, but....2015 is just going to be a year of awesomeness, I can feel it. 

What is making you feel awesome today?!

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