Friday, October 2, 2015


So I've been totally slacking on keeping up here...for that, I apologize!!  I find it funny that I was looking SO forward to finishing school and the "extra time " I'd have...but somehow I still don't find myself with extra time!  

So last time I updated, I was literally RIGHT at the finish line of getting my Masters degree, and just a few days out from starting a new job. I've now have that sweet, sweet piece of paper (AKA Diploma) proving that I DID IT!!! And, I have in my new position for 2 months and I love it!! I got lucky in that my position nicely ties together the two unrelated degrees I have. I was scared to leave my old job, which was completely flexible and just really awesome...but this new job is flexible too. The commute is also better, my coworkers are great, I'm liking what I do and learning fast, and of course the bump in pay wasn't a bad thing, either.  I even have an office, with a window and my name/credentials on a nameplate outside the door. I have to dress business casual, which I thought I might not like and figured I would miss being able to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts to work ...but I'm enjoying it.  It's nice to feel "put together ", although I suspect I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much 5 years ago when I weighed 90 pounds more . No... I would have HATED it. 

I've been walking on my lunch breaks, and really loving that as a part of my new routine.  As far as running, well I've been getting out there (just did 4 miles with a neighborhood friend at 5 am today) but not as much as I would like.  I did have bronchitis which took forever to recover from, and that put a big wrench in my running plans and my goal to get a new 5k PR at the Esprit De She.  However I still did good, especially considering the circumstances, and ran a 26:11...same exact time as last year, only unfortunately the course was .2 short this year (oops).  Regardless of time, I had fun.  We took our obligatory group MRTT photo before the race, and afterwards we went out for apps and drinks . A good time was had!  I added some pics of that race at the end of this post.

Weight-wise, Ive been lucky.  Not that I've been eating bad, but I definitely have had my fair share of naughtiness over the last couple months. Oops.  Coupled with decreased running mileage, you would think I would gain weight...but so far, I've maintained!!  This is new to me...last year when I started slacking, the weight immediately started coming the tune of 10 or 12 lbs by the end of winter.  Either I've finally found a truly good lifestyle balance or my body is finally adjusting to a new "happy weight".  I have no clue, but it sure is a relief.

My kiddos are doing good in school although we've had some bumps in the road with getting them to do their homework without a fight. When they get a paper to complete that they could finish in 10 minutes if they just SAT DOWN and DID IT...but instead complain and fight and whine for 2 hours....over 10 minutes worth of work....well, let's just say my patience wears thin. 

Both girls are excited to be in some activities again for the school year.  Growing up not doing any activities (except band and Girl Scouts), and of course knowing how that turned out for me, it was important to me that they do something.  Their choice, I would never make them so something they didn't want. But something, anything.  This school year, they are both in dance (tap/ballet combo and conveniently they're in the same age group/class). My younger girl does gymnastics as well, and my older one will start soccer again soon. Then they both chose to continue with Girl Scouts which is awesome!! At their ages, troops typically meet just once a month (and then a few random special events here or there), so it's not like it's a strain on our schedules. 

So all is well in my world... Just navigating life.  Maintaining my newfound health.  Well, it still feels newfound but it has actually been almost 5 years since I started my journey (whoa).  I'm looking forward to this weekend...playing with my kids, enjoying some perfect fall weather, cleaning and organizing (I catch up on weekends. And I try to think of it as exercise/calorie burn to make it seem not so bad. Ha.)  I have new furniture coming tomorrow, which was SO BADLY needed.  I am excited - and it's making me feel old.  

How is your health/fitness routine or journey going? Or share what is on your agenda for the weekend!

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  1. I'm pretty much sure that this will help you lose weight. I imagine I need someone who will go with me to the gym and I'm thinking of you, so that I can be with you whenever you run after my gym activity. lol. So I need to set a time to do an activity. You have some great fun company!