Sunday, October 2, 2016

Boundary Waters Bank 1/2 Marathon

The fam-damily and I traveled to Ely, MN at the end of September, where I ran the Boundary Waters Bank 1/2 first experience with a smaller race, with just a few hundred runners in the half and another couple hundred in the full. I finished in roughly 2:16, and considering the crash-training I did for just 3 weeks before race day, I am thrilled with that. Not to mention the course was hilly. So very, very hilly. 

We headed up on Friday so we could get settled in our cabin, which we rented along with 2 other friends and their families. Us moms also had to grab our race packets.  And made a stop at Kohls because I forgot the pack comfy pants. Comfy pants are a MUST!!  We all ended up buying the same pair just for fun... Don't worry, I don't mind that you think I'm a giant dork (photo proof below...I'm on the right). 

  It was an exciting race-eve...this was a first half marathon for both of my friends.  I may or may not have been the instigator for the whole thing.... 😎

Race morning, my very supportive husband dropped us off at the start. This is early morning, in Northern Minnesota in late it was a tad chilly.  One thing I loved about this race was that they encouraged participants to bring a blanket to stay warm prior to the start, and then ditch it....blankets are then gathered and donated to those in need. What a fantastic idea!!

The race began and I did a good job of pacing myself. Soon, that decision was confirmed in my I went over hill after hill after hill. 

The best part of the race came fairly early, after just a few miles. My husbands best friend happens to live on the race course, so my family and my friends families were at the end of the driveway way cheering us on. ❤️

The rest of the race went fine, apart from feeling like the hills would never end (and they really didn't). Like I said, I finished in 2:16 and felt great about it given my crash training and the hills. My friends finished in 2:13 and 2:10 respectively (post-race pic below, me in pink). 

I loved the race and I loved the weekend at the cabin with family and friends and the kids being able to just explore the outdoors. I'd love to do that race again next year and highly recommend it to
Anyone looking for a smaller, scenic and well-organized event. 


  1. Enjoy time watching your this blog i start missing my school friends........

  2. Jealous of you. Missing my friends.........Planning for a hangout quiet

  3. I am missing my friends. Oh god

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