Friday, June 9, 2017


Like many moms (and dads), my life is crazy busy....filled with busy days at work, kids activities, trying to keep a livable house, and doing never-ending loads of laundry. Lately it has been particularly crazy, with 2 kids in softball and husband coaching both their teams (bless his heart).
Although I still haven't been running, I have been sticking with Orange Theory. It's hard to carve out the time but I've figured it out and I love it! I am motivated to push hard, more so than if I were on my own. For the first month, I felt great but didn't see any results on the scale. I definitely know I've gained muscle, so that explains the delayed weight loss (along with "a few" not-so-healthy food choices "on occasion"). But I weighed in this morning and am now at a 4 lb loss. Finally! Feeling AND seeing results is the best motivator of all.  I'm taking the approach I took with my initial 90-lb loss, which was to break it up into smaller goals. My next goal is 4 more pounds. I can do this!!

It's really funny how wanting to lose 15 lbs has been feeling almost as overwhelming as it felt wanting to lose 77 (which was what I wanted to lose when I started the blog...I just ended up surpassing that). I know it's not the me, I know. But weight loss it hard, any way you slice it. Whether it's 5, 20, or 100 pounds. Your journey is YOURS. Your journey can change. And when you're like me, your journey may never really end. I'm not someone who can eat whatever and not gain a pound. It took a lot to lose 90 lbs, and it's taking a lot to maintain. But one thing I know better now than I did when I started this blog is just how worth it it is.  It's worth it, not only for my own sake but my family, too.

Never give up!

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