Friday, May 12, 2017

Keep on Keepin' on

I'm still going to OTF 2x a week. One thing I love about it (aside from the friendly awesome staff & trainers, variety of workouts, splat points, live stats up on big screens, motivating music and going with friends) is that you have to commit to your classes by signing up for the days/times you want. There is a cap on amount of people, so the earlier you sign up the better to ensure your spot...but you can still signup more last-minute, if a class isn't full. But anyways, when I first started my membership, I scheduled my classes for quite a ways out. Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings.
Haven't missed one yet! This is a miracle considering how busy we are right now, between softball x2, dance x2, Girl Scouts x2, and gymnastics. This time of year is crazy because the school-year activities are not quite over but some simmer activities already started. This results in a month of overlap where we sometimes juggle/choose between 3 different activities in one night. It's insanity - and it leaves little time for me to do my own stuff. But with OTF, I committed to certain days/times and it's on my calendar. I have to do it. Whereas with a normal gym, or running - I can have great intentions but it's easy to shrug off when it comes down to it.

I haven't lost much more for weight but I am definitely getting stronger and feeling better. There is still room for improvement in the eating habits 😂
But I'm doing better than I have in a long time.

Cheers to a never-ending journey!

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