Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lazy bones and a treadmill

I am once again home with my older daughter, so I took the opportunity for getting an extra workout, in addition to what I will do after the kids go to bed. I did the 30 Day Shred and my daughter was delighted to do it with me, just like yesterday. Talk about (almost) 4 year old blondie trying to do push-ups, or hip circles during the warm up.

Best of all is that she would give me my hand weights whenever the video called for them (I'm just using 3 lb weights right now), and say "Here are your bones, mommy".

I suppose they do look a little like "bones"....

Anyhow...we continue to toy with the idea of buying a treadmill. One that I have had my eye on is this one (Nordik Track T8.0):

Now that I know I have at least a handful of readers...
Does anybody have a Nordic Track?
Anybody buy from Sears?
Any other good treadmill- buying advice?

This particular treadmill is just what we would want/need...
- Smooth, quiet, and powerful 3.0 HP motor
- 0-12 MPH
- 0-12% incline
- Heart Rate Monitor
- 20 X 60 belt
- Nice but basic LED display screens
- Lifetime frame and motor warranties
- 3 year parts warranty and 1 year labor warranty
- Seems to go on sale for an awesome deal!!!

It has some bonus extras that we don't need, but could come in handy:
- Music port compatible with iPod
- Workout fan
- 18 Workout apps

So I guess time will tell...but I sure am excited about the prospect of getting a treadmill and kicking my fitness level up a notch or two or three. Or four.

Oh! And here is the part that corresponds to the "lazy" in my title:

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  1. LOL! cute post.
    i of course have no opinion, other than to say that walking into the store, with cash in hand, guarantees you the best deal. they are unlikely to let you walk out with that money. so they will make you a great deal.
    dave ramsey's website might have some more tips. thats where i got these from anyway. ;)

    one more tip is to not say too much; when in doubt, waiting for a better offer, just dont say anything. in that silence, you might find them saying ".... well, we can add in" "...we can probably give you a deal..."
    dont forget things like delivery and such too. they might be willing to add in free delivery (if they dont already) or something like that.

    so those are my ideas. i dont know anything about treadmills otherwise. even if you have to get a loan from your bank, literally having that cash in hand, not letting them know how bad you want one (they know they can get more money out of you if you dont have to pay now, and if you are already "sold" on the product. remain neutral LOL) flash that cash around, you know? LOL. hope it helps. cant wait to hear your awesome deal!