Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I went to the grocery store, and my daughter wanted a doughnut (one of the fresh, daily made bakery ones). I let her pick one out...and couldn't resist picking one out for myself. I chose a very unhealthy fried one with the glaze on it. No filling, so it could have been even worse...but who am I kidding myself, it was still no good for me.

That being said, I worked hard doing the 30 day shred and ate decently otherwise. After all was said and done today, I lost almost a whole pound more. I am now down 13 lbs! (Well, close enough to 13 lbs that I'm calling it 13).

I am starting to think I need to adjust my calorie intake a little...I'm almost wondering if part of my roadblock for awhile there, was that I was actually eating too little calories. I know that can stall a person just as much as eating too many. So my mission over the next couple of weeks, is to try to find a balance that works for me...a balance between not eating too much, and not eating too little. And making sure that what I do eat really counts (ie - fruits, veggies, whole grain, protein, fiber...lots of good stuff).

Anyhow I just finished doing my evening work out. Tonight I chose to do the boxing on Wii Sports. I forgot how much that can make you sweat, if you really put your all into it. My legs are mega-sore from the 30 day shred and all my running in place lately, so I thought boxing would be the perfect idea for tonight...give my legs a rest, but still get a workout in.

Hopefully tomorrow my daughter will be well enough to attend preschool again, so I can go back to work!


  1. exactly: spot on; doing something a little less leg impacting! :) awesome!

    oh a doughnut here and there doesnt hurt anything. and yes, eating enough is important. i think we americans are screwed because of portion size. food isnt made to be devoured in large amounts; eat until you're full. if people actually talked and enjoyed the meal, they would probably realize they were full earlier than if they just ate the food to get the meal over with to "relax" or do something else. i know thats part of our problem ; someone in this house eats too fast. and its catchy. ugh.

    im posting a new blog on a diet and health related video...

  2. It is okay to "treat" yourself sometimes :) Ha ha! I was just looking at your blog and can't believe all these others that are doing blogs to document their weight loss! Love it!

  3. That's ok ... I'm getting ready to eat a chocolate chocolate-chip cookie. :)