Saturday, February 12, 2011

The first time *wink*

No. This blog is not suddenly getting very personal. I'm talking about my first time working out on the new treadmill.


I went and bought a pair of shoes that are strictly for treadmill use. I didn't want to go spending a ridiculous amount of money on shoes (some can be what, $200?) but I wanted something good too, and didn't want to just buy some $10 cheapies. I came out with a pair of New Balance shoes, they were on sale so I felt I got a pretty good deal on a decent pair of shoes. One more amazing thing? I chose my shoes based on how they felt and not how they looked! This is an accomplishment for me - what I chose are cute too, but there was this to-die-for pair of black, gray and pink Nike's...but they didn't feel as good as the New Balance ones I chose. Too bad, because the Nike's were cheaper. Oh well - I wanted something that I could feel good in. And going with that thought, I bought a new workout outfit too...until now I've been working out in...lets just say it's crap. Shorts that don't stay up, shorts that ride up, shirts that are way too big and uncomfy. So I thought it was time for something nicer. All of these things may seem trivial, but to me they are bit motivators and will help me to get on the treadmill each day...and enjoy it!

So anyhow, I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. Much of it I did at a 2% incline, and I alternated walking from 3 - 3.5 mph, and jogging at 4.5. One time I kicked it up to run at 5.5, but only for a minute towards the end. It's sounds small, step at a time, right?!

I already have some favorite feature of the treadmill we chose. First of all, the one-touch speed and incline controls. Instead of scrolling through to get the speed or incline you want, you can touch the 4 or the 3 or whatever it may be. If you touch 4 and 5 in fast succession, you get 4.5. I love it! Another thing I love is that it is ipod/iphone compatible. I spent my workout tonight listening to Pandora through my iphone, which was plugged into the treadmill and the music played out of the speaker on the treadmill. Love it!!

So I don't plan on weighing myself tonight. I think I will wait until tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

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