Sunday, February 13, 2011

Resetting the weigh ins.

The reason I was weighing myself in the evening, even knowing weight fluctuates daily, was because I worked out primarily using the Wii, and so I used the Wii to weigh myself and it was most convenient to just do so at the beginning of my work out.

Now that I will be working out more in the morning, I decided to finally make the switch and start weighing in the morning. I'm still going to use the Wii though - I love it for my weight. It is very accurate too - I tried it twice this morning and both times it gave me the exact same weight and exact same BMI (I realize the BMI might be off from reality but I'm sure it's not too terribly off). I have mentioned before how I love that it shows you a graph of your progress. I love looking at that line going dooooown. It also takes into account your clothing. Before weighing it asks you to chose between heavy, medium or light clothing.

So, yes, I said I weighed myself this morning. Taking into account of course, that it is bound to be less because the last time I weighed in, it was in the evening. But even so, I think another 2 lbs is a good deal. I full expect that by tomorrow morning I might be another pound down. ;-) Yes, I have high expectations. Maybe that is why I've been successful?

Anyhow, with that 2 lbs I surpassed a mini-goal I had, which was to get to the weight I was before I lost 40 lbs for my wedding back in 2004. It was a weight I was at for a long time, my body liked it. So of course I'm a little concerned about getting into a rut here, but I am determined to get through it and reach my next mini-goal. Here goes. My next mini-goal is to get below 200 lbs. I set it as a goal on the Wii, to lose my next 10 lbs (which will put me at 199) in a month.

I know. You can do the math. I am at 209 right now, and have lost 18 lbs (see ticker, wooooot!). My official starting weight was 227. Thanks to another friend who was brave enough to post her own starting weight on her blog!

Today is setting up to be another busy one - we've got errands to run, a ton of laundry to do, and it is so nice outside we have to get the girls out to play. I also decided I liked my new work out outfit so much that I'm going to buy another one (same one in a different color). It was just so nice not worrying about my pants falling down or riding up for once. Anything I can do to keep my momentum is worth it, and it doesn't hurt that we just got taxes back, its almost the season for a bonus, and I will have 33 hours of overtime on my next check. A $30 outfit is well worth it to keep myself motivated and happy and comfortable.

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  1. awesome!!! :) you are spot on about the shoes; you dont want some crappy things, screws a lot more up than just your feet. then you need something comfortable to wear too; the last thing you want to worry about while exersizing is a wardrobe malfunction, or picking, pulling and adjusting while working out.

    you GO GIRL!!! :)