Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

Every week that goes by is one week closer to all of this overtime being over with. While I will miss my paychecks, it will be nice to have time and it will be nice to not have to get up at 4 am to work out!

And that is what I did this up at 3:55 so that I'd have time to work out, get ready for work, and just in case it snowed so that I'd have time to sweep off my vehicle. I wasn't feeling it as much today as I do some days, but I still forced myself to do it for at least a little bit. I weighed in and lost another .03. So it won't take much more to call it a 26 lbs. I can't wait...soon I will hit 30 lbs which will feel amazing. But then, each "mark" feels more amazing than the last!

Talking about getting up so early brings to mind a comment that a close friend of mine made yesterday..."You are making in look so easy". I responded with Thank you, but that it is anything but easy. Yes, the weight is coming off at a decent rate overall, but I make a lot of sacrifice and do a lot of tough prioritizing. It is most definitely not easy. I certainly don't like to get up at 4 am (especially knowing that I work 6 am to 10 pm, which is often the case), but it is what I have to do. And once I get going, it's fine and I feel great. But I dread hearing that alarm go off, and I almost always contemplate hitting snooze a few times. Who wants to get out of a nice warm comfy bed at 4 am to work out in a cold, gray basement?
But I do it, and before I know it I am working up a sweat (definitely no concerns about the cold!) and bee-boppin along to Pandora on my iphone. I LOVE to sweat, and the more the better. It makes me feel like I might be accomplishing something! So anyways, that is just one example why it is not easy, but I force myself to do it. I know that in the end, it will pay off. And it has so far, but I have a long ways to go.

This weekend we have some plans and I know I might not be easting as good as I do during the week. Even though I have had times where the scale as pleasantly surprised me after a weekend of eating not-so-great, I would rather not get my hopes up this time. I will just try to do the best I can while still having fun and participating, but maybe try to get some exercise in as well. I am thinking treadmill and maybe even try a run outside for the first time. I will let you know how that goes!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You are doing a lot to make it work -- and you should be proud of yourself. Getting up at 3:55 am is CRAZY -- congrats to you. I am proud of your accomplishments!!!