Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No more scale!

So I am ticked off at the scale (well, the Wii I should say, because that is what I use). I am on strike, no more weigh ins until next Monday at least. Weighing in 4 or 5 times a week was fine when I was losing weight more regularly - it kept me motivated, even just to see a - .2. But now! OMG I just want to throw the thing out the window!!!!

Just trying to remember that even though I am totally stuck (in fact have apparently gained almost a pound), I am still doing good for myself. Last night I did 2 miles on the treadmill in my fastest time yet of 25:55 which is not so fast, but is decent for me. It keeps getting better every time and that kind of exercise can be doing nothing but good for me, even if my weight loss is stalled. Who knows, maybe I gained a bit of muscle or something.

With that said, I am going to try and count calories the next week and see what that does for me. I NEED to hit that 30 lb mark!


  1. what do you mean count calories? see if you are eating too much or enough?

    ok, i read fast, so im checking to see if i didnt miss something, but are you increasing your running time/length? last time you got in a slump didnt you eat a little more and figured you just werent eating enough? or more importantly, at any time during the day do you feel hungry (literally, your stomach rumbles, not just the 'i want to eat' feeling?) or are you losing your patience with something (like the wii) as a possible sign of blood sugar instability caused by not eating enough or something??

    im always confused and its hard to tell because sometimes ill be cranky as heck and not feel hungry, but eating makes me "stablize". im wondering if it isnt an addiction to sugar thing. boy that is truly aweful. we really are addicted to sugar in this country.

    i dont know exactly what you are doing, but exchange one drink for a glass of water instead. or maybe all your drinks for water instead for a while and see if that helps? really, theres nothing better for us than water, and drinks end up being a lot of extra needless calories. im excited about that idea because its what i love to do in the summer. i love to just have my ice water all day long. its hard to drink ice water when its cold! LOL and especially since ill actually be working nearly every day, having that water at work is going to be nice.

    anyway, just keep it up. you are doing ok everyone hits a slump. mix it up a bit or something. do something a little different. you running a lot? a lot of runners hit plateaus. do something different to shake it up. even if its something as simple as doing high knees on the treadmill (can you even do that? maybe its not safe? i dont know). or butt kicks. or dont do any treadmill, and do the punching and stuff in the bfbm jillian video.

    however, in the same respect, are you gaining muscle? do you feel stronger? i wouldnt know if a person could tell per say, but if you gain muscle, you are going to gain weight or stabilize. muscle weighs more than fat. so you gain it and it makes you seem like you arent losing, but it should pop back into it soon..

    you are just totally doing it and im proud of you. keep it up!