Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A forced scale break

I still don't have my Wii Fit back, which of course is annoying but I am hoping will end up being good. Although I do like weighing myself almost daily on weekdays because it helps to keep myself accountable as well as recognize and get used to natural fluctuations. But perhaps I will see a couple pound loss. I don't know....time will tell...but I sure do hope. I am getting closer and closer to my goal. When I started this blog, my goal as 150. I am thinking now I may move that to 145, but I won't know for sure until I hit 150. Like I've said before - I have no idea what I look or feel like at 150. I haven't been 150 since probably Junior High.

I will share something frustrating I am already noticing... I have what my mother in law likes to call an ass-crack on my stomach (she isn't calling mine an as crack, that is how she refers to it on herself), resulting from a vertical C-section scar. Below that is my little shelf which now instead of being fat, is turning into more skin. I can already see that no matter how thin I get, I may still have my ass crack stomach and wrinkly skin (from stretch marks I think). Which is okay, I don't want to be perfect. Though I won't lie, ideally I would not have a second "ass crack"....

There. I shared my embarassing thought for the day.

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  1. that sucks. though i know kinda how you feel. i dont think any amount of exersize on the planet is going to change the APPEARANCE of my stomach. which is ok i guess, the only ones who get to see it is me and jeff... i mean, it would be nice to have that "dream stomach". but honestly, unless i want to resort to painful cosmetic surgery, its going to be what it is.
    i even have a vertical line. but i think thats from that muscle separation thing? its never quite been the same since pregnancy.
    what did my stomach look like before? i dont know. i am glad i didnt really take note of it back then.