Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend summary

Friday on our way out of town for Easter, we stopped at McDonalds since it is the easiest. I was very proud of myself, I checked out the nutritional info online first and chose a salad and low-cal dressing.

Saturday I ate like crap. Chocolate for breakfast (seriously), pizza for lunch, pizza for dinner, Sex on the Beach, Vodka/Cranberry and a Georgia Peach (shot) at the bar, then ice cream cake before bed.

Sunday was better. I ate much healthier and tackled a 6.22 mile run! My first 10k ever, which is very exciting. We are actually one week ahead in our long runs according to the training schedule we are following. (We being my husband and I). I am glad though, because I feel like that gives us more wiggle room.

Unfortunately I cannot weigh myself right now, as we got some new hook-ups going on with our TV and need one new cord or something...and the one item that got left in the dust until we get the missing item is the Wii. I insist on only doing my official weigh ins on the Wii because it tells me a BMI (yes I realize its not necessarily exactly accurate or even a good measure of anything, but I still like to see it go down). And it shows me my history. And that way, its consistent. Another scale might be a pound or two off in either direction and freak me out or give me false excitement. So yeah, I will stick to the Wii. Hopefully it's back in action soon so I can gauge my progress over the last week-ish.

Eating Chocolate for breakfast by the way....aaaaah. So bad but so good ;-)

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