Saturday, May 19, 2012

30 :-(

No. I did not gain 30 lbs while in Vegas. But I have turned 30 years old since my last blog post. *Sigh* I can almost hear my knees creaking already! LOL Ok so that's kind of dramatic. Now that it's over, it's actually fine. I have a feeling my 30's will be the best years yet!

I did gain weight over vacation...a good 7 lbs in fact. The good news is, I am sure that was mostly water weight. I can already feel/see the bloat coming down now that I am back to eating healthy and running regularly.

And damn, it was totally worth it. My husband made the perfect comment regarding the weight gain - we had an awesome trip and the memories will last forever. The weight gain is only temporary. I enjoyed myself so much! Relaxing in and by the awesome wave pool at Mandalay Bay where we stayed...eating delicious food, drinking plenty of frozen, tropical type drinks like Pina Coladas...It was awesome. SO much fun.

On the agenda for today is a 10 mile run. My first double digit run ever. I am nervous, as always. Especially after skipping my long run last weekend...but my hopes are high that it will be a decent run....I feel very determined right now to get the vacation bloat/weight off and then some!

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