Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pre-Vegas weigh in

My weight this morning was 159.6. I did it, I made it into the 150's in time for Vegas. Just barely, but hey - beggars can't be choosers. That was a 2.3 lbs weight loss from last week, which is awesome. I think that is probably what I've been averaging since really getting into my half marathon training. No complaints here!

And I honestly cannot remember the last time I weight 150-anything. I am sure it was maybe around age 15? 14? I'm not sure. I know for sure I am a little smaller than the size I was when I met my hubby at age 16.
Yeah. I'm turning 30 next week. That's a long time ago!

I went for a nice 5 mile run last night on the Lake Walk at an average 10:57 per mile. It was an awesome, rare day with almost no wind. That barely ever happens down at the Lake Walk, and it was a nice change! I know for sure it was the first non-windy run I have had since training for this half marathon.Wind really does make a huge difference.

And now, I will go to Vegas tomorrow until Monday, and gain a few pounds back. Aaaah, such is life. But I am going to enjoy myself damnit, and I want to go out for a fancy Italian Dinner for mother's day, and I want to hit Margaritaville...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Hopefully the walking we do helps to curb some of the potential weight gain, and hopefully most of what I DO gain will just be water weight.

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