Monday, May 28, 2012


My weekend at the cabin was a big, fat, fail. I over-indulged in drinks and delicious home-made hot dishes and my favorite... fish fry. Oh, and I went for a run on Saturday morning but could only manage 5 miles due to a pain in my foot. I did what one should NEVER do, and turned to Google...Let's just say I am praying my foot feels better when I try running on it tomorrow. The two main possibilities, if something is wrong, are metatarsal stress fracture or extensor tendonitis. The stress fracture especially could be detrimental to my race and continued summer training. Thinking about it honest makes me want to cry. So please readers, keep your fingers crossed for me!

On the plus side, I did see some people who I don't see often...a couple of times a year maybe. And being that they haven't seen me since last summer, I got some nice comments on how different I look. Including that somebody "barely recognized me".

It was a great, fun weekend. Just wish I had done better with my eating. Better luck next time I guess....

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