Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly weigh in

I managed to make my mini goal this week (to get down to pre-vacation weight). My weight this morning was 159.4. Excellent! Before vacation I was 159.6.

This weekend is forecast to rain, rain, rain - and we (hubby and I) are scheduled to run 11 miles. And we are out of town, so if it's really bad I can't even suck it up and use the treadmilll. So a run in the rain it will be. I can't miss this run. It's scheduled as my second longest one during training...the longest being next weekend. So even if it's raining...too bad. It could easily be raining during the actual race, too, so I better get used to it right?

Finally- WTF? Nobody wants to play? I STILL want to hear from other people about your struggles, successes, and goals. Don't be shy.

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