Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How about YOU?

I have noticed an increase of visitors as of late...and just had a thought that perhaps I should try to involve them, too. If you are here at all, you are probably somewhat interested in fitness, weight loss, health, or something related. I guess I could see how one might think this is...an anti- build a bear workshop site (Enough of the Fluff? I know, I know. Totally lame joke). But more than likely, you saw a link to the blog somewhere, or got lucky (SO lucky!) enough to search the right thing and look far enough down the results in Google.

So, anyhow...visitor involvement. Please comment and share YOUR story, if you don't mind. I love to hear of other struggles, inspirations, motivations...whatever. If you are a fitness rockstar, tell me about it. Tell me about how you got there. Do you love to run? Tell me about your favorite distances, or your personal records, or whatever. If you have lost a lot of weight, tell me about it. Help motivate me further! If you have yet to begin your weight loss journey, feel free to share that as well. If you have a legit blog to share, post it and I will check it out. Maybe we can link up.

I guess partially I think that networking with others who have similar interests may come in especially handy as I come towards the end of my journey and turn my attention to maintenance. This weight loss has taken a long time....17 months and counting. But maintenance...that is going to be life long. I have changed my lifestyle but I am very aware how dangerously easy it would be to slip back into the old one. I might eat mostly healthy now (besides some cheat days on weekends - usually on my long run days) but that doesn't change how much I love pizza, pasta, chocolate, chinese food, burgers, fried foods, chips and dip, bakery donuts or cookies...I could go on and on. That part of me is not GONE, I have just finally been able to make peace with it and keep it balanced.

And I am going to have to be careful about that for the rest of my life.

OH! I almost forgot. Somebody posted this on Facebook the other day and I am in love with it. SO TRUE!


  1. Hi there! I started my journey a little under 2 months ago. I'm 5'3 and started this journey weighing 160 lbs. I decided to start watching my calories, eat healthier, started a c25k program and joined a crossfit gym. Here I am, 9 pounds lighter and being able to run 20 minutes longer than I was ever able before (which was 0). It hasn't been easy, but it is always rewarding. I love reading other people's stories to keep myself motivated too, so that's why I came across your blog. Nice meeting you! :)

  2. My blog is c2crossfit.blogspot.com, if you are interested :)