Monday, October 15, 2012

Loss this week

Since last week, I lost .5 lbs. I could have...SHOULD have...done better. Like WAY better. Last week I weighed myself unofficially and was up to almost 5 lbs lost since my official Monday weigh in. (Obviously, mostly water weight). But I put it all back on this weekend with a couple of oh-so-bad yet OH-SO-GOOD meals, including lasagna last night and Rainforest Cafe in the Mall of America on Saturday. The good news is, I am obviously not losing and regaining 5 lbs of fat in a matter of days, so I know it's at least just water weight. But still. I don't WANT it. I don't want to be retaining all that water because I eat like crap. I know better - it's just so hard, especially on weekends. I need to make a plan, especially for this coming weekend as we will be out of town. Being out of town always throws a wrench in things.

I have terrible willpower sometimes. I recognize this but it's easier said than done to simply "do better". I will keep working on it...It always helps when I get some exercise because who wants to ruin all that hard work with a bunch of junk food? Today I am going to the gym in the afternoon for some cardio, and tonight I am going again for Zumba. I am really looking forward to it, too. I bet anything after eating clean today and getting some exercise, I will be 2 lbs down tomorrow. Too bad it's not 2 lbs of fat instead of 2 lbs of water retention.


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  1. Hang in there! You'll get there!