Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking requests

I post frequently about motivation, honesty, blah blah blah. This is great stuff. Stuff I am passionate about. These are the things that I believe are key components of healthy, successful weight loss.

But today I ask, what would YOU like to see me post about? Do you have any suggestions or burning questions? No need to be shy. You can even post your comment anonymously. You can shoot me a private message on Facebook. 

I just want ideas and suggestions. I started this blog as a tool for my own weight loss, but it has become much more than that. It is still an essential part of my success, because it keeps me focused and accountable. But now, it has grown into a vehicle for inspiration. I have an audience, and I am quite excited about the idea of being able to help others. I personally LOVE following other people's journeys and reading about their success. There are SO many amazing stories out there - each one unique and with it's own set of circumstances, struggles, and knowledge gained - and I feel a real pull to make sure my own story is included among them.

So please. Ask away. If there is a subject you want me to tackle with my honest opinion and experience, let me know. I will answer just about anything to the best of my ability - keeping in mind I am no professional. Just a person who has had some success, struggles and is willing to share.


  1. Kandi - a couple things I am always looking for tips on that perhaps you or guest posters could comment on:
    - For those with kids who do not easily have access to someone to watch their children...any tips? And I mean youg children who are not able to watch themselves for a short time.
    - changing your lifestyle when those around you do not necessarily support you
    - proper pre and post workout foods to eat to properly refuel
    - good workout songs
    - inspiring books to read - fitness/health related

    Those are a few ideas I have.

  2. i have an idea: how about things to do when you cant go outside. winter workouts are a problem.

    also, rural workouts. you know, for people who dont have access to a gym, or a treadmill. back to basics stuff.

    AND, drumroll please.....
    pregnancy workouts. strengthening muscles for delivery. stuff like that. ;) ive got squats on a mental list.. lol if i ever actually decide to do them .


    heres an idea!! holidays are coming. how are YOU going to battle the holidays!!!

    sugar = lowered immune system = increased risk of being sick... so lets add that to the list of healthy holiday tips...

  4. so ive been thinking about this almost all the time lately, i really honestly think you should "pretend to be me" and show me what i would do. i work really well when im SHOWN, not as much when i have to lead myself. (even in jobs i worked well when i had specific instructions of how to do something instead of having to figure it out on my own)...

    so pretend that you live where you cant really run outside, especially in the winter (unless you want to kill yourself in the snow and slush), have no access to a gym, and no money for a treadmill. id really like to see how a person could do this.
    my only idea is doing that jillian video every single day. on my carpet. and even that confuses me. should i wear my tennis shoes? then im wearing my dirty tennis shoes inside the house on my carpet. if i do it barefooted that solves that problem, but i dont feel i have very good support for my feet... which might be good for my feet, but i dont know if you have done that kind of work in bare feet on carpet, but more than once ive slipped... and i have apparently a permenant issue with the sprained mid foot .... so i should probably wear the brace when doing that too, which makes my foot more slippery....

    i have a lot of excuses. but i honestly dont know if it would do any good even if i actually did the video 6 days a week.