Thursday, November 8, 2012

The inner fatty

First of all, let's be honest. No - I'm not saying "inner fatty" to be mean. But come on. If you are reading weight loss blogs, you probably have one. I have one. I will always have one, no matter what my outer appearance is or how fit I am. I will always have an inner fatty, lurking and waiting to pounce. It is my inner fatty that makes temptations so HARD to resist!


Or maybe you are at the end of a meal, regardless of whether you made a healthy choice or not, and now the dilemma presents: Should I order one of those Triple Chocolate Fudge brownies that looks ever so delicious on the dessert menu?

Maybe you are with friends (or on your own) and somebody (or yourself) suggests hitting up Five Guys for a burger. How about when your work environment constantly has doughnuts available? Or when there is a pot luck going on every other day for one reason or another?

Nobody is perfect. Even the most successful "losers" have given in...probably multiple or dozens of times during their journey. I know I sure have! I have an especial weakness for wine, which really is just a bunch of needless liquid calories. But I truly enjoy wine. Ummm, and doughnuts. And chocolate. And mushroom swiss burgers. And nachos and onion rings and mozzarella sticks. Mmm, and pizza. Oh, and most crappy food in general. (Can we say, HELLO inner fatty!!)
But once you learn how to say "no", it does get easier. You get used to it. You become proud of yourself for being strong. You learn what techniques work best for you. You can absolutely figure out how to tell your inner fatty to STFU!! You CAN win the war with your inner fatty!

But how? Here are a few of my tips. First, avoidance. If I can, I try to avoid a situation where I know crazy temptation will be. This won't always be possible, but for example - at my previous work place, I knew there were doughnuts available in a certain spot every Friday morning. I normally walked by that spot daily because it was the most direct route from place A to place B...but on Fridays, I would purposely take a different way, just to avoid even seeing the doughnut table. This might work with fast food places - if you go by one on your way to work and find yourself stopping too often - take a different way! Even if it means a few minute longer drive, who cares. You will save the time not waiting in line, you will save money not buying the crap, and most importantly you will save your health! When it comes down to it, your inner fatty can't rear his/her ugly head if you don't give her a chance to.

Another good one is distraction. This is easier said than done, but if there is a pot luck going on, contribute a healthy dish and encourage others to do the same. Then make a beeline for those healthy dishes, load up, and try to avoid the less-healthy options. Just distract yourself from the junk, with a plate full of healthy! Or if you find yourself sitting at your desk, craving one of those doughnuts that you know are lurking around the corner - chew some gum. Not only might it distract you, but even if not - a doughnut will taste like shit with a minty mouth :-) If you are at home, feeling munchy - go for a walk. Play with your kids. Read a good book. Just do something that you can get into, and that will help you forget your craving.

I love to look up calories! For example, there are 840 calories in a cheeseburger from Five Guys and another 310 in HALF an order of regular sized fries. Now think about that for a minute - how hard you work every other day. Maybe you exercise your butt off, or count calories...think about how this one meal (which will be over before you know it) is going to derail all of that hard work! I actually did this with Five Guys myself once...I was with a large group of people who mostly wanted Five Guys for lunch. Everyone ordered, I did not. Instead, when we got back to the house, I had some broiled garlic shrimp. It was delicious, and I saved 1000+ calories! TAKE THAT, INNER FATTY!

Planning is important! Maybe you are going out to eat...check out the menu ahead of time. Plan out what you are going to order and figure it into your daily calories. Then when you get there, stick with the plan.

Weigh yourself as little or as often as you need to in order to keep your inner fatty from getting out of control. Some people prefer to weigh in only once a week or once a month. Or even not at all, instead going off of inches or how their clothes are fitting. For me, more frequent weigh ins work best. I like to see the fluctuations and I like how I have gotten to know my body and how various things affect it. It helps me to plan and gauge my progress. I don't freak over the short term patterns...I only record my weight once a week, for example. But if I see that my pasta binge one night caused 2 lbs of water weight gain the next day, I might try extra hard to drink more water to flush out the bloat.

Keep sight of your goals and motivations. Write them down. Blog them. Put pictures on the fridge. Whatever it takes - just always "keep your eye on the prize". Before you down a 1500 calorie junk meal, ask yourself, is this short term happiness going to be worth it? What do I want more, this greasy food, or my health? If you answer the smart way, your inner fatty will die a little inside ;-)

Do you have any tips for beating the inner fatty? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Great stuff! I definitely need to remember to plan ahead and scope out the best choice when it comes to restaurants. Sometimes I feel like an ironic pressure to NOT be the one always eating healthy, like I have to prove to people I'm not a healthy nut weirdo, even when I know I'm making an unhealhty food choice. Have you ever experienced that? Any tips?

  2. I beat my inner fatty (great phrase) by giving in to it for one meal per week. And for that meal, I don't worry about it. At first, I would pig out for that meal. I quickly realized that didn't work b/c I felt like crap afterwards and the next day. So now, although I don't worry, I find I simply can't eat 4 pieces of pizza; but 2 pieces is filling, isn't as much calories and keeps that inner fatty quiet for another week, at least!

  3. pizza is probably my biggest weakness. i only ever buy cheese (because i honestly have a hard time finding a pizza that isnt loaded with pork!!) and we add our own toppings. broccoli is fantastic on pizza, as is fresh tomato, peppers, and sometimes we add some turkey pepperonis. and a little more cheese to melt that stuff down into the pizza, but not much because too much cheese grosses me out! so at least one can eat "healthy pizza". and if you wanna really be good, whole wheat crust, SKIP the sauce and use simply the fresh tomatoes instead, and add spinach! mmm!

    i hate doughnuts, and pastries of any kind except cinnamon rolls, but honestly, i dont like them that much, i dont want to go thru the work of making them from scratch, and i dont buy the little pillsbury tubes anymore because they use pig products to make them (and i dont eat that nasty stuff!).

    i dont like red meat, honestly, once in a while i like myself a burger, but it has to be a SMALL one and i load it up with tomato and lettuce YUM. lol. half the time i cant finish the thing. part of my progress is STOPPING when im full. i hate feeling overfull, so stopping when i START feeling full is something i have to pay attention to. its easier at home, but when eating out or with someone else, its easy to be paying attention to conversation or being distracted in general with all the sensory input im receiving.. but listening to your stomach is a great tip. just because you pay for it doesnt mean you have to gorge yourself on it. thats a hoarder behavior. a buffet isnt "shove yourself so full you eat TWO meals for your money" - it simply means you have a wide variety of choices to fulfill your hunger. half the time at someplace like pizza ranch, we are full before our specially ordered pizza makes it to our table. lol