Friday, November 2, 2012

The gym

Yesterday I was at the gym gettin' my cardio on. (5 mile run and 30 minutes elliptical). I noticed a couple...the guy was on a bike, the woman standing next to him. Every couple of minutes she left to do things like get food, get him a towel, get him water, etc. She hand fed him as he exercised (please note, he did not appear to have any disabilities. His arms and legs were going like crazy and he was sweating like a pig - obviously a very fit man). Occasionally, she jumped on a treadmill behind him for a minute or so. One time, she got on the treadmill, jogged for 15 seconds, then moved over to the next treadmill and walked for a minute, then got off. Then her hubby moved to a treadmill (way further down the line) and the same thing happened. She stood next to him mostly, eating granola bars and energy bars. Occasionally she jumped on a treadmill next to him and walked for a few seconds. Sometimes she switched treadmills. I try not to be a Judgy Mcjudgerpants, but it was definitely kind of strange. Rather, SHE was kind of strange. To each their own, right? lol

So anyhow. Even despite the occasional ass-hats who refuse to wipe down their sweaty, nasty equipment after use...I really love going to the gym. I used to go years ago, and I liked it then...but I am much more motivated and determined now, plus the gym I go to now is way nicer. It's amazing how different they are! I love the childcare at my gym, I love the huge TV screens on all the front walls (each set to a different channel and with closed captioning turned on). I love that the locker rooms don't look like locker rooms - they are really fancy looking and comfortable, with dark wood lockers (all come with a lock that is activated with your membership card) and granite. I love the big array of group fitness class offerings, which are free to members and require no advance sign up or anything. They have boot camps and personal trainers, both of which I wouldn't mind checking out some day as finances allow. There is an on-site spa and cafe. They have a "parents night out" thing every couple of weeks for members to bring their kids for 4 hours of fun while you go out on a date or do whatever. It's just really, really nice. I am SO glad we decided to join and I really miss going when I don't make it for a few days.

What do you enjoy about going to the gym? What are some amenities in your specific gym that you particularly enjoy?

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