Monday, March 25, 2013


I apologize that I do not update as often as I used to; I have gotten busier, plus my weight loss has slowed significantly as I've gotten closer to goal. Whatever that this point, I'm still not positive.
I think I will know what I get there, although I'm sure it won't be much more than 10 lbs more.

My last official weigh in put me at 139.8. That's right folks - This former gym class failure...this lazy-ass obese woman who huffed and puffed going up a flight of stairs in my small house.....THIS GIRL...weighs in the 130's. Barely...I could have taken a big gulp of water and been up above 140 again...but hey, 139.8 is good enough for me :-)

April 11th is coming up fast - that is when I will be representing for Lifetime Fitness at the MN Wild game as the "Fit Fan". Still freaking scary, but I have faith that it will be a fun experience.

I have started training for the Maple Grove 1/2 marathon, only to decide that I won't be doing it. I'm bailing, because that weekend is the only weekend that really works for my hubby and I to take a much-needed mini vacation. Florida, here we come! We have had a crazy year, and we have another crazy year or two ahead - so we really need this. Races will come and go, but this opportunity to reconnect with my hubby is priceless and so that is where I need to be.

I did 6 miles this past Saturday and plan to do a few more weeks of 6-7 mile long runs before climbing up more in preparation for the Garry Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon in June. I figure I already am at 6 mile long runs, there is no use backing off and building back up - might as well at least maintain that base for a few weeks. Why not? After all, running is my bodies own personal weight loss bullet. I remember last year when I started training for the 1/2...that is when I started dropping weight again after being stuck. Same thing happening this year (only slower, because I have a lot less to lose).

In any case, rest assured that I work my ASS off for every pound, every ounce I lose - especially these days. When I work out, I don't go to look pretty and move my body around casually while I people watch, like some women do. NO. I WORK OUT HARD. I love to have sweat literally dripping from my nose, running down my back and stomach, pooling in my elbow crook. When I go to get a good work out in, that level of sweatiness is what I work towards. It's not easy. Sometimes, it's miserable.

But I sure feel great when it's over!!!

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