Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Controversial "What's your excuse" hot mom pic

The picture above has gone viral. I've seen it in the past, but suddenly it is everywhere. It popped up on my Facebook last night, and it was a subject of conversation this morning on my favorite local radio station morning show. 

Some people see it as inspiration and a great example of determination, hard work and confidence. Others are throwing a fit. She's fat shaming! She obviously prioritized fitness far above those poor, neglected children! What is wrong with her?!

Yep - I feel compelled to put in my .02 cents on this matter, so here is my view.

Seriously? We are going to accuse her of fat shaming, while we go ahead and shame her for being healthy and fit?? It's absurd. I say good for her for looking that fabulous and owning it like a rockstar. She obviously works hard at it - and guess what, I bet she manages to do it without neglecting her family!! Maybe she hits the gym instead of spending each evening watching TV. Maybe she plays with her kids at the park instead of sitting on the bench with her phone. Or maybe she does pull ups on the monkey bars while they go up and down the slides. Maybe she gets up at the butt crack of dawn, before her family is awake. In any case, why is it okay for people to shame her - for pointing out a truth? That is what the picture is, after all. Truth. People get all overly sensitive, but it's not about feeling bad because you don't (and probably never will) look as good as her. Hell, I won't ever look like that, and you don't see me whining and accusing her of shaming me for it!! 

What I think this is REALLY about is not using things as an excuse or a crutch for why you don't get up off the couch and get active. If a mom of 3 small kids (who I've read also works full time) can look that incredible, why couldn't any person make an effort to get simply be healthier in general? (And OBVIOUSLY this does not apply to those who have legitimate medical excuses). 

This picture. The woman in this picture. The message. These things are not shaming you. These things are not making you feel bad. YOU are making you feel bad. YOU choose how you feel and react. 

You can choose to prioritize differently. You can choose to change bad habits. You can choose to admit faults and own up to the excuses (trust me, even after my success so far - I still find myself with plenty of excuses). 

So take responsibility. Cut down on the excuses. Maybe you won't ever look like the woman in the picture, but you can become healthier for yourself and your family. 

THAT is what I choose to take away from the picture. 


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