Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've recently found myself completely off-track. I've gained a few pounds...and I  feel blah.

1. I've been running/exercising once a week instead of 3-4 times a week like I used to. Often times, I literally cannot carve out the time. Between my husband and I both working FT, both being in grad school FT, and his extra freelance work...plus our 2 kids and managing a household....sometimes i just literally have no time unless I do it at 11 pm which might not be so efficient being that I get up at 5:15 as it is. Other times I just don't do it, but I'm not sure why. I always feel great after I do. 
2. I've been eating like shit. No other way to say it.
Specifically, I have a self-control issue and a quantity issue. I need to work on this, before I end up needing to buy new pants :-)

The plan:
Back to basics. Lots of water. Calorie counting. Less carbs, more fruit, lean protein, veggies (especially at night. That's what's killing me). I can't eat after 7pm. It's like after 7pm, what little self control I have goes out the window. It doesn't matter if I'm full already. Its crazy, I know. 

And I need to start exercising again. Schedule it on my calendar if need be! I need to visit the gym a couple of times a week and run outside w/MRTT or utilize my treadmill another time or two as well. I can do this by taking advantage of extra time on the weekends and using the childcare at my gym more. I could try getting up just 30 minutes early to get a quick run in on the treadmill. I can do more reading for school while walking in the treadmill. I just need to get creative. I've done this before, so I don't know why it seems so overwhelming now. All I know is, I need to nip this in the bud. 

Finally, I will try to start updating the blog on my progress again. I was very successful when I was not only holding myself accountable, but knew others were following as well. Like I felt I was accountable to them, too.

Operation lose 15 lbs (that's not what I've gained recently, but it is the total of what I want to lose) has commenced!!!!


  1. Your life sounds crazy! I'm actually not sure how I lost weight originally (in 2006) with a new baby, four other kids and a lot of stuff going on. As I committed to losing what I had regained, I look at my life and I have NO excuses! I have the time (SAHM with all the kids in school now), I have the resources (a home gym, a fitbit) and at this point I do have the motivation. I do think the blog and online accountability is helpful. Good luck to you, I'll be watching :) I've got a little over 15 to go too.

  2. I've started adding 'gym' to my google calendar. Then it becomes just as important as the other commitments on the calendar already, and it gets considered before adding last minute or additional events into the calendar each week!