Friday, February 27, 2015


Obviously, running has become my go-to fitness outlet. It's convenient and efficient; a great way to burn some calories, build some strength, and clear your mind. I started because I was trying to lose weight. I continue because I've grown to love (well, love-hate) it. And when I first discovered Moms RUN This Town, I never imagined I would meet so many amazing, inspiring people. Or make so many good friends. Or feel connected with so many women I've never even met thanks to social media and the connectivity it allows for MRTTers all over the country and the world. 

My old life was sedentary. I slogged my way through the days weighed down by an always-exhausted body. The thought of being a "runner" was about as realistic as the thought of traveling to Mars on a unicorn accompanied by my cats. 

Really, it did not matter that it felt unrealistic - it also sounded miserable.
I mean....Run? Like...RUN? Why would anyone want to do that?  I really didn't know many people who ran. As ration sounded like a crazy and rare feat. 

Fast forward. I'm a runner. And I love it. Thanks to MRTT, my social circle is also full of runners. This means that, rather than a rarity, it has shifted to feel like the norm. But that's the thing, and it's hard to remember - it's NOT! 

I heard that only 10% of the population runs. 1 out of 10 people you see on the street. The other 90%? I think they see it much more accurately than the 10%...running is something to be proud of! It might not always seem like a big deal when you're surrounded by runners, but that's not the norm

Runners may have a conversation that goes something like:
A: I didn't have much time this morning so I only ran a quick 2 miles.
B: I hear ya...I'm so busy this weekend that I'll probably only get in an 8 miler. 

And a non-runner would think that is insane. I know 5 years ago, I would have thought so! "Only" 2 miles?! Ha, I could barely run 50 feet! 

So with all that being said, one of my goals this year is to get away from saying "only". This is also closely related to saying the word "slow" but that could be a whole other post. Anyhow, I want to stay appreciative and proud of every run, even if it's "just" a mile....because there was a time when "just" a mile seemed like a pipe dream. 

You don't have the be a runner to be healthy or fit. You can choose countless other forms of exercise all with their own benefits. I urge you to find what works for you if you haven't already. It can change your life. 

I chose to be in the 10% who runs, and I know it has changed my life! 


  1. yeah to an outsider, that whole "i only did X" sounds like bragging, self absorption, and rubbing it it to anyone who isnt. it sounds like competition. its discouraing to anyone who needs to do something but isnt. it makes them feel worse. like "oh great, they "only" ran 2 miles? i cant even get somewhere to even take a walk, and they "only" ran 2 miles? must be nice to be them! you know, the stuff i used to say when you live in duluth, now you're in the suburbs and its worse. you "only" have sidewalks and dedicated running trails. you only had the lakewalk. im supposed to fight slush ice snow and getting covered in road salt grime off the state highway so i can say i ran today? no thank you.