Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On a roll

After a year of feeling "off", I'm continuing to feel confident that I'm getting back my mojo. 

Two summers ago, I was at my lowest weight and I was strong and fit. That winter, I gained a few pounds and lost a some fitness. Which is common for folks who live in places that get actual winters. So it's fine-but then that spring/summer, I never did get back to where I had been the previous year.  I was doing good, don't get me wrong, but I constantly struggled with frustration that I should have been doing better. I could have done better.  But for whatever reason, I just never really got into a good groove. I just went through the motions. 

This winter I again lost fitness. My weight fluctuated but overall I managed to maintain. This still had me above what I was at my "prime", though. 

Now it's spring. The snow is mostly gone, the days are getting longer. We've been having way above average temps which has been amazing. And it has really helped inspire me, along with my Fitbit and visions of a half marathon PR in June.  I've been eating cleaner, exercising consistently, and the results have been good. I weighed myself today - I'm less than I was at any point last summer! Even better is that I can feel and see my body getting stronger again. 

This whole lifestyle change thing has been an incredible journey but I'm constantly reminded that it will never be over. Each day, week, month and year has it's own unique battles; sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. What matters is that I'm determined to win the war. 

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  1. exhausting.

    yay!!! whoo!!! GO KANDI!!!

    im glad to hear that even people like this "new" you struggle in the winter. i guess i dont hear enough of that part from fitness people. thanks for being real.