Friday, March 6, 2015

Screw em'

A recent hot topic in the celebrity world is that of Kelly Clarkson's weight. She had a baby last June, but some have criticized her for not having lost all the baby weight by now. Some have made downright mean, nasty remarks. 

Her response? Screw em'.

I love this. She also points out that you just can't win, and she is right. Obviously this is magnified for celebrities (especially women) in the public eye constantly (too skinny! too fat!) but it applies to us "common folk" too. And it even applies to the way we feel about ourselves.  We women never let ourselves win. I'm guilty of it. I hated the way I looked when I was heavier. But now that I'm more "average", I still sometimes get bothered by other things - saggy skin, a stomach that bloats up at the mere mention of alcohol or pasta or dessert, my vertical c-section scar, stretch marks. I know I'm not alone in this criticism of myself. 

But why do we do this?! How come we never feel satisfied with ourselves? Instead of concentrating on our flaws, why aren't we celebrating what's good? Our beautiful eyes, our ability to run a mile or 26. Our strong shoulders or our gorgeous shiny hair.   Our kindness, our sense of humor.  The fact that our stretch marks are the result of carrying new life within us for 9 months. 

 Everyone has something to love about themselves, if they'd only open their eyes a bit wider and quit focusing on (what they perceive as) the negatives.

Like I said - I'm guilty of too much self criticism too. But I'm trying to get better, and so should you. Screw anyone who criticizes you....Screw your OWN inner voice that nags at you. Tune that out and then listen carefully.... for a new, more positive inner voice. 

And be yourself! You are awesome! 

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  1. They are so beautiful! I am following a new diet... can you give me some hints? Thanks!