Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Comfort Zone

So I've changed the plan for this year. I was originally thinking Marathon #2. Instead, I've somehow been convinced to try something TOTALLY out of my comfort zone...I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness.  One of my friends is a die-hard Orange fan and she roped me in.

The whole group fitness thing is new to me, with the exception of Zumba. Weights and floor exercises are new to me, aside from the limited stuff I've done at home on occasion. There is also a water rower, which kills me but I love it! I've been twice now and both times were different. I'll love the variety. I love that you can see your stats up on a big screen as you work out. I love the workout summary email afterwards. And I know I'd never push myself like that working out on my own. I think it will be a great motivator.  Especially the "Splat Points" you earn for time spent in the "Orange  Zone".

Because of this new venture/unfamiliar territory, and crazy life, I'm going to forgo the Marathon this year. I'm hoping to find a Half Marathon later in the year, and I think that level
of training plus OTF will be manageable and a motivating enough.

I have lots a few pounds since finally focusing on getting back on track again. And I feel muscles I didn't know I had!  Stay's a never ending story when you're naturally and biologically inclined to gain weight just by looking at food. It's a great eye opener that the weight loss journey is not just the period of time when you initially lose all the weight. It's a lifetime commitment to keep up the good habits, knowing that you're not one of those people who can eat whatever and never gain an ounce. Though even if I could...I wouldn't get stronger without actively working for it...and that is want I want. I want to be strong and fit and feel good.

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